The full service that gives clients the ability to add simultaneous translation using the Zoom© platform.

Are you interested in creating an online event and you do not have a platform?


We will provide with a fully managed Zoom©  platform that allows you to broadcast your event in up to five languages if your audience can to install Zoom©.app on their devices.

When the webinar starts the host can start the interpretation feature which will give the interpreters access to their own audio channels. Attendees can select an audio channel to hear their language of choice. Attendees will hear the translated audio and can choose if they want to hear the original audio at a lower volume*.

What if your participants cannot install the Zoom© app?

We will live stream your Zoom© webinar with our VoiceShell platform in up to five languages which can be accessed via a webpage on any browser.

*Zoom©'s cloud recordings of the interpretation session will only record the original audio of the online meeting not the translations

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