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The full service that gives clients the ability to add simultaneous translation to their own webinar platform.

1. VoiceShell Basic

Starting from your own webinar platform all participants will access your multi-lingual webinar from a VoiceShell password protected page, in up to five language​s. A Q&A window is available in the language translated and all questions are available in your personalised format after the event.

2. VoiceShell Plus

VoiceShell Plus includes all the features of VoiceShell Basic and also broadcasts your online event from a personalised event-coded ​and password-protected webpage. Additionally, we provide you with a full recording with all the languages of the event.

3. VoiceShell Embedded

Do you want to host a VoiceShell multi-language live broadcast directly in your company's website? We provide you with a fully personalised widget code to embed our interactive streaming in your website.


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