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Why VoiceShell? 


Clients can decide to use their proprietary webinar platforms or adopt well-established systems such as Zoom, Webex, On24, Gotomeeting and Brighttalk. This gives our clients full flexibility on how to incorporate simultaneous translation into their online event. We can even add a separate audio feed with simultaneous translation to your online event


VoiceShell connects participants to your online event via a webpage. There is no need to install an app or a third-party plugin. Accessing online meetings is fast and hassle free. VoiceShell works out of the box in any web browser and on all devices.


VoiceShell webpage can be fully customised to your own needs. We offer several options for your multilingual event such as: personalised protected webpage, chats or the multi-language broadcast feed that can be embedded in your company's website.


Our digital studio is geo-redundant and our broadcast system is fully redundant and scalable. Using VoiceShell live Dual-Feed solution we can support you whether you’re hosting a large or small online event, a meeting or a seminar.

Why VoiceShell
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